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How to Advertise Using Facebook Ads

F acebook is the most popular and largest social media in the world, so it is very suitable for marketing products and services, especially for frien…

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How to Advertise Using Google Ads

G oogle is the most famous and largest search engine in the world. Everyone who has a smartphone must use Google to find references and desired infor…

SEO Optimization Steps for Blog/Websites

S EO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the effort made on a website to increase the visibility of the website in search engines in the …

Landing Page Using AIDA System

W hen someone already has the intention to buy, but because reading the explanation offered is too convoluted, so the potential buyer changes his min…

6 Reasons You Must Make a Website

M any people think that the website is not important, because it wastes money and time. So, here are some reasons why we must create a website, espec…
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