The site www.poseurtech.com is a site for the latest news and information that discusses technology topics.

The topics discussed on this site are as follows:

1. Blog/Website

2. Application

3. Network

4. Smartphone

5. Desktops.

6. Digital Marketing

This site itself was started in March 2009 using Blogger or Blogspot as a platform for site creation.

Previously, there were so many who asked to get information in the field of technology, from that request, the author ventured to help by creating a site that could be accessed by everyone.

For people who are not familiar with the author, the author is named Yudistira who is also a merchant in the city of Merauke. Dividing time for work and writing certainly has a very heavy burden. But, because of the desire to help everyone, even that heavy feeling gradually disappeared from the mind.

The author himself comes from the city of Medan who now lives or resides in the city of Pangkalan Brandan. By making the city of Makassar as a place to live, the author can more easily get the information needed.

Thank you for all your loyalty to visit this site, although the quality of the article is still far from perfect, but the author is aware that no one is perfect except Allah S.W.T.



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